CUltuRal AccessiBILITY

Erasmus+ project

Objectives of the project

To help museums develop a better understanding of the needs of visitors with disabilities and implement the necessary environmental and attitudinal changes and improvements.

To share best practises to improve the skills and competencies of cultural institutions in working with people with disabilities to improve their access to cultural heritage.

To propose innovative accessibility solutions that enable people with disabilities to fully benefit from cultural heritage.

To engage people with disabilities as advisors, co-designers, and evaluators of proposed accessibility solutions.

To develop pilot projects, that can serve as inspiration for other stakeholders – leading by example, raising awareness, stimulating ideas, and calling others to action.

Curability participants & target groups.


Project partners

Associated partners

The main target groups are Art & Culture Lovers With Disabilities (at least 60 directly involved) and Cultural Workers (at least 60 directly involved). And the final beneficiaries are People With Disabilities (at least 20 directly involved) from partner countries.

Other stakeholders such as media, decision makers and certification bodies will be targeted and the number of stakeholders reached across the EU is expected to be > 5000.