Federació Mestral

The Federation of Physical and Organic Disabilities Associations MESTRAL-Cocemfe Tarragona is a non-profit organization created to achieve the NORMALIZATION of the collective of persons with physical and organic disability in the society of which they are part, through the information and support to associations of people with physical and organic disabilities of the regions of Tarragona, unifying criteria, rationalizing resources and coordinating all kinds of actions and activities.

The organization unites 16 non-government non-profit associations of people with disabilities of the Tarragona region.

The activities of the Mestral federation contribute to each person with disabilities can develop their life quality project, as well as to promote inclusion and insertion in all areas of their lives. The mission is to advance inclusion of people with disabilities, particularly on issues of universal accessibility, employment and self-employment, but also covering other areas such as leisure, social relations, sport, education, etc., by empowering individuals with disability and the organizations that work with them. Mestral Cocemfe Tarragona also offers expertise on the educational needs of people with disability seeking to advance social involvement and work opportunities and on creation of barrier-free.


Microkosmos is an independent, non-profit, international organization established in 2016 in Italy. The objective of Microkosmos is to promote diversity, interculturality and raise awareness of different cultural expressions and their values in order to encourage the development of cultural interaction with the goal of bringing people closer together and closing the cultural gaps. In the beginning, the main activities focused on promoting and spreading Greek culture, both classic and modern, at national and international level. Microkosmos aims to promote:
– The activities that help people improve their creative thinking and their awareness of cultural and educational diversity in Europe, and in parallel to reinforce the EU identity.
– Cultural accessibility through adapting and transcribing the cultural, scientific and legal texts.
– Publishing activity through releasing and / or distributing books, multimedia tools, studies or researches.
– And organize or participate in training activities (seminars, conferences, training and educational courses, labs, training workshops etc.).
– Artistic creation and Interculturalism.

The organization operates based on the principles of social solidarity with an interdisciplinary method for the cultural growth of the person – of any ethnicity and origin – favoring instruments of interpretation of the different artistic and socio-cultural realities. The philosophy is to recognize the individuals, and provide them with tools, knowledge and a voice. Finally, the association organizes annually innovative seminars regarding the cultural heritage and the arts addressed to young people, people with disabilities, (im)migrants and refugees in collaboration with the University of Turin.


The Association of Educational Services “OpenEurope” is a non-profit organisation based in Reus (Catalonia, Spain) that aims to help young people and adults working in youth-related fields to participate in European programs. All the projects and initiatives of our organisation aim to involve educators, teachers, professors, students and the whole community in the implementation of projects and programs that seek a lifelong learning process. Our programs are designed to develop participants’ communication, leadership, and professional skills. In addition, we pay special attention to strengthening the capacity of non-governmental organisations and the volunteers who work to solve social problems. We help involve all members of the community in our projects and activities, especially in the areas of civic responsibility, immigration, technology serving people, or smart cities.


Creativity and Educational Studio ARTIED is centred around the concepts of Art Appreciation and Art Inspired Education. Our believe is that “Art is meaning and helps us better understand ourselves, people and the world around us”.

Our goals are in 3 main directions:

  1. We want to encourage more people to slow down, to reduce stress levels coming from their daily routines and to enjoy the art of slow and ‘green’ living, in harmony with nature. One of the ways to achieve these is to delve into artistic challenges and to learn how to use art appreciation to ‘read’ and reflect on hidden messages in artworks. This helps us rediscover ourselves and seek (and reveal) our own meaning in life.
  2. We believe that art in all its forms boosts our creativity and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, helps us break with stereotypes, increases our emotional intelligence, and recharges us with positive emotions. That is why, we constantly need to nurture and exercise these.
  3. We constantly encourage entrepreneurship and personal and professional development of art and crafts inspired people and work for ‘opening’ the cultural sector to people with disabilities. To achieve all these, we organise short educational and art appreciation sessions and creativity boosting trainings. They provoke learners’ curiosity about different art movements, styles, artists and works from Classical, Modern and Post-modern art, but also help them overcome the fear of talking about artworks and the emotions they evoke. This way, we encourage our participants to take an ‘inner look’ into artworks, to learn how to analyse them and to make new links and associations beyond the things, visible at first sight. We also organise special art sessions and activities for seniors and older people with dementia and Alzheimer to support their active aging and social inclusion.

VsI EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI (EP) is non-governmental not for profit regional organisation researching, developing, organizing, providing, coordinating and supervising trainings in the field of non-formal education for various target groups as well for adult educators and volunteers.

Organisation seeks to:

  • Promote, develop and implement the principles of lifelong learning programme in the sphere of non-formal, social and professional skills development, improvement;
  • Create non-formal education programmes, competence development programmes for specialists working in the sphere of social integration and socialisation of socially disadvantaged society groups;
  • Organise training for teachers, workshops for children to ensure the development of 21st century skills;
  • Prepare, implement national as well as European Union funded projects in the sphere of digital education promotion, development as well as actively participate in the process knowledge-based, civil society creation, empowerment of people.

EDUPRO is working towards two main directions:

  1. EDUPRO carries out various training courses, seminars, conferences, meetings and other events (including practical activities) for adult educators as well as teachers and provides services of information, counselling, mediating and educative activities to disadvantaged society groups to ensure their social and labour integration;
  2. Contributing to bringing different innovations, new work tools, technologies closer to the general and adult education field, developing digital, media competences of adults and children to ensure their successful adaptation to the fast changing world and its demands.

In the educational activities there are involved adults of all ages, starting with professionals of social work, psychologists, teachers, trainers as well as entrepreneurs, communities, volunteers, etc. and ending with vulnerable and risk groups, e.g. long term unemployed, low skilled and low qualified people, etc.

Eurosuccess Consulting

Eurosuccess Consulting was established in 2009.

The main aim of Eurosuccess Consulting is to inform and support, mainly individuals and enterprises, regarding the exploitation of European and National Funds. Through the utilization of the regarding funding opportunities they succeed the design, development and implementation of their strategic objectives thus meeting their operational needs.

In addition, our Organization participates, both as coordinator and partner, in several projects under various European programs and initiatives, such as Lifelong Learning, ERASMUS + and Justice, as well as is one of the assessment bodies for proposals submitted under various EU programs.

In regards to the project management sector, Eurosuccess Consulting has broad experience regarding the development of materials, tools and methodologies concerning various skills/competencies (including ICT tools for assessment and training purposes as well as e-learning environments) for various groups such as Children, Youth, Adults, entrepreneurs, business executives and employees, vulnerable groups of the society such as people coming from the NEET group, prisoners and ex-prisoners and others.

In addition, Eurosuccess Consulting is a member of the: European Forum of Vocational Education and Training (EfVET), International Trade Council, European Prison Education Association (EPEA), European Policy Network on Key Competences in School Education (KeyCoNet Network), European Network of Innovation for Inclusion, European Alliance for Apprenticeships, European Working Group of Innovation Consultants, Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) and Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI).

Based on the above experience, knowledge and capabilities, as well as the established network with partner organizations and experts in Cyprus and abroad, Eurosuccess Consulting is in position to support any efforts needed for the development of successful proposals thus project implementation activities.

Furthermore, Eurosuccess Consulting is accredited as a VET Center by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus, the relevant public authority as regards to training and education sector, as well as with the International Quality System ISO 9001:2015.

Fundacja Instytut Re-Integracji Społecznej IRIS

IRIS is a non-profit organization from Poland established in 2016.

Our main goal is to support youth and adult educational paths through the development of skills and competences, working with culture and art, promotion of ecology and digital transformation.

We also support new reforms in non formal education, shape pro-European civic attitudes, popularize the idea of European integration and aim to raise all educational initiatives connected with human rights, social inclusion and social support.

The target groups of our activities range from pre-school children, through early school and young children, youth, adults to senior citizens, although youth and young adults are our main recipients.

Our organization is focused on volunteers, NEETs, children and young people facing economic, geographic or social obstacles, the socially excluded, the disabled and the culturally diversified.

Our foundation organizes various events (also on a European scale) related to the scope of our activity, among the others: workshops/ meetings for youth, lectures, city games, discussion panels, ecological workshops, photography workshops, exhibitions, information days, conferences (also online) and theatre performances. We provide non-formal education services for socially diversified target groups. We also produce short films/videos covering globally significant issues.

IRIS largely cooperate with centers supporting the mentally handicapped and the physically disabled or with people whose impairments or disability affect their functioning. The organization entered into cooperation with many NGOs, institutions, training centers and so with trainers, mentors, educators and youth workers. Bearing in mind human beings with fewer opportunities (social, cultural, geographical, economical etc.) the foundation provides them with psychological support.

We organize youth exchanges, internships and training courses and have a vast experience in KA1 and KA2 Erasmus+ projects. We create innovative intellectual outputs under Strategic Partnerships in the field of Youth, Adult, School, Vocational and Higher Education. Foundation also implements initiatives within International Visegrad Found and Polish-Ukrainian Council of Youth Exchange.